Growing the Future

I just read this article from Sam Chaltain about “seeding” ideas for theimg_0219 future. In essence (though you should read the article), the idea is that you can continue working in your traditional ways, while planting the seeds of new approaches that may, in fact, make your traditional methods obsolete.

The appeal of this to me comes from the idea that this acknowledges the inherent duality of the times we live in as leaders of learning. We live with some basic facts about school such as AP classes, grades and GPA’s and testing like crazy.  At the same time, we can see that the future is calling for new approaches.  In my own experience, I have often simply transplanted one traditional method for one that I felt was more in tune with what I perceive as “future friendly.” As is the case with many transplants, some go smoothly and successfully, some…not so much.

As I wrap one school year and begin to think about the next, I will think about what it means to work within the system around me, while seeding and nurturing ideas for the future that may make the  current system obsolete.

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