Great Minds (and mine) Think Alike

I just read this within a Ted Ideas Article:

“We are prisoners of the pictures and experiences of education that we had,” says Tony Wagner, expert-in-residence at Harvard’s educational innovation center and author of The Global Achievement Gap. “We want schools for our kids that mirror our own experience, or what we thought we wanted. That severely limits our ability to think creatively of a different kind of education. But there’s no way that tweaking that assembly line will meet the 21st-century world. We need a major overhaul.”

This clearly states one of the ideas that has been rattling in my head for some time. I have become somewhat obsessed with thoughts on what school should look like and accomplish. At least I know that my thoughts are in line with some great minds in the field. We don’t need adjustments, we need to let go of our ingrained ideas on what schools look like, what skills students need and what teachers do and build a smart system from the ground up.